EFAC Church Brigades Wardens Band

The first attempt at planting the church was made in 1996 through the activities of the Evangelical Fellowship inthe Anglican Communion (EFAC) of St. Philip’s Church, Federal Housing Estate, Trans- Ekulu, Enugu. This move was led by Late G. C. Uchegbu (Lay Reader), Mr. and Mrs. D. I. B. Onwuka and now late Ven. Enemchukwu at the time Rev C. O. Agbo (now Venerable) was the vicar of St. Philip’s Church. This attempt did not succeed. In 1998, Mrs Gladys Onwuka re-kindled the flame of church planting, believing as she said that “the Anglican church is like kerosene that spreads wherever it drops”. This desire to plant a church was sustained by fasting, prayers and night vigils by
concerned members of the church. On 15th January 1999, Bro Joshua Obioma Ahaiwe (now Rev. Canon) was posted to the church as the first Church Teacher with the then Rev. C. O. Agbo still the vicar of St. Philip’s Church, Federal Housing Estate and Ven Emmanuel Ugwu (now Bishop) the Archdeacon. One room was rented in the house of Mr Denis Mbah for the church teacher by St Philip’s Church. Late Miss Chioma Mbah, daughter of Mr. Denis Mbah, led house to house
evangelism in the area to recruit the initial members of the church, despite her being a Roman Catholic. This effort resulted in the planting of the church with the maiden service held on January 17, 1999. This service was conducted by Bro Joshua Obioma Ahaiwe while the following were in attendance
1. Mr David Mbah
2. Maiden Fanny Ugwu (Late)
3. Madam Franca Anike (Late)
4. Madam Lucy Nnamani (Late)
5. Mrs Regina Onwusi (Late)
6. Mrs Roseline Ngwu (Late)
7. Mrs Mercy Mbah
8. Mrs. Roseline Anike
This service was held in front of the Alulu Community Hall as the young church was denied permission to use the hall as a temporal worship venue. The church continued to use this space for some time despite services being disrupted at the filmiest excuse. For instance each time there was a major community events such as masquerade displays or when other denominations who had permission to use the hall had major services, the Anglican worship was sacrificed in favor of the other event.

Four (4) plots of land were purchased during the tenure of Bro Shedrack Odoabuchi (now Rev) with the support of Mama Ebele, Mama Gladys Onwuka and the MCF of St Philip’s Church. They were strongly supported by the Rt Rev Dr E. O. Chukwuma, the Bishop of Enugu Diocese, who directed the MCF of the Cathedral Church of the Good Shepherd to build a church on the land so procured. The process of building the church started in April 2007, and continued after Nike Diocese was created out of Enugu Diocese.
The foundation stone of the new church was eventually laid on May 9, 2013 by his Lordship Rt. Rev Prof E. J. Ibeagha, Bishop of Nike Diocese. The Bishop and his wife, Prof Mrs P. N. Ibeagha, have been very supportive of the church and have helped to see to its completion and dedication today. We remain grateful to them.

· The first service was held on January 17, 1999
· The first baptism was by Rev C. O. Agbo (now Venerable) on April 11, 1999. Miss Melody Chidera Okoh, was the candidate.
· The first blessing of marriage was the marriage of Mr David and Mrs Mercy Mbah by Rev C. O. Agbo in 1999.
· The first worship in the church building was before it was roofed during the tenure of Shedrack Chukwu (now Ordinand) in 2006. It was during that year’s harvest thanksgiving service; and palm fronds were used to roof the building for the occasion.
· Dedication of the church was done on 19th July 2014 by the Bishop of Nike with Rev. J. Ahaiwe as the vicar.
· The Vicarage was completed by Ven. Ben Chinemelu and dedicated by the Bishop in 2015
· The Church was registered to conduct wedding in April 2017 by Rev. Dr. N.E. Chiemelu, who also conducted the first marriage that same year.